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2022 TU Citizens

"Opportunity, progress, unity."

"International education is vital to the dissemination of ideas and cooperation of diverse peoples."

"I really enjoy studying abroad. I always wanted to study in the U.S." 

"It provides diversity..."

"I did not grow up in culturally diverse communities but I've always been curious..."

"I learned more about people from different countries, cultures, beliefs."

"A chance to get in touch with different cultures."

"Chance for experiencing world-class teaching."

"There is so much out there to be learned and enjoyed, and it is just beyond your comfort zone!"

"International Education has allowed us to come here!"

"International education is important to me because I got friendship from it."

"International education gives us the opportunity to meet people from other cultures."

"I think one of the most important reasons is transcending borders: social, political, cultural borders."

"International Education means discovering, sharing. It has allowed me to open my eyes and my mind."

"International Education represents three things to me..."

"Meet people from different countries and cultures, travel and see the world."

"International education is important to me because of how much closer it brings the world together."

"In undergrad, I studied in Beijing and loved the experience so much that I moved there after graduation."

"International education give us an opportunity to expand on our own philosophies and ways of life."

"To get engaged in diverse cultures. To understand how things work internationally."

"Exposure to cutting edge technology from all over the globe..."

"it is a privilege to study abroad especially with a Fulbright scholarship in the USA."

"I see myself not only as a Kazakhstani professional, but as an international professional."

"Most of the time we talk about languages dying, but this is an example of language genesis."

"Now I'm more comfortable with the fact that that is my Mexican identity."

"Although I was born here in the United States, when I introduce myself, I always say I'm Mexican."

"I think it's really good and healthy to take yourself out of your comfort zone."

"I'm doing a master’s in accounting because I find it very interesting. Not a lot of people like accounting, but I do."

"The military system in Egypt put borders for me. I can't go back to Egypt because I'm a human rights defender."

"When the Taliban arrived to Kabul, me with my family, we immigrated to the Republic of Poland."

"Each international experience that I've encountered has been pivotal to my growth as a person and as a professional."

"I've traveled throughout the world and I think it's just something very, very important to me to this day."

"In terms of reimagining borders, to me that's also about reimagining how the United States acts on a global scale."

"Rather than just being in an American bubble in XYZ, they're thinking about, wait a second, and how is this the same? How is this different? What is going well? What's going poorly? What is home? What is authenticity? Who am I?"