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TU Citizens

Tulane Global’s Office of International Students and Scholars, NTC Center for Global Education and Office of Study Abroad, Freeman Study Abroad, and International Legal Programs have partnered with Claire Bangser to collect stories celebrating the benefits of international representation and exchange on our campus community. TU Citizen photos and testimonies are captured each November during Tulane’s International Education Week and shared each spring on a variety of media.


TU Citizens Archive

"If you're serving as a cultural bridge, then the end result, the end product, is a more peaceful society."

"I've had a passport since I was born. I've traveled all over the world, been to so many places, and had the opportunity to see so many different cultures."

"Rather than being in an American bubble in XYZ, [students are] thinking about, how is this the same? How is this different? What is going well? What's going poorly? What is home? What is authenticity? Who am I?" 

"I learned from working overseas that they do a lot of things better than we do."

"Preservation, reforestation, sustainability... there's a lot that science can learn from it."

"My experience at Tulane has been enriched by the diverse international student community I have become a part of."

"I think this is the amazing thing about diversity and inclusion - the fact that if you are open enough not to judge the other person's journey, experience, life, you are capable of learning so many things."

"I'm testing how urbanization, which is essentially making environments a lot hotter than they were historically, is impacting animals' thermal tolerance."

"From every little thing that I have learned, I feel I'm more open to people and also I'm more open to different types of cultures."

"We always have our own identity and our acknowledgment, but if we could think from other people's perspectives, it would be more beneficial."

"International education is important because of the cultural merge. You get to meet and interact with the smartest people from around the world."

"International education and experiences give us, as individuals and communities, an opportunity to expand on our own philosophies and ways of life."

"International education is the backbone of intercultural interactions."

"I believe that International Education is a crucial step in interconnectedness throughout the world."

"I have lived, studied, and worked on four different continents and in four different languages. Those experiences and the relationships that I have developed have made me who I am today."

"Things you read in books are valuable, but to me, nothing beats the in-person experience of international exchange."

"I think that an increasingly globalized world demands an increasingly globalized education."

"International education makes me connect with the world and get more friends."

"Knowledge is power, so I think the more you learn about the people surrounding you, the more empowered you are!"

"Opportunities like Study Abroad offer the ability to interact with people of many cultures and backgrounds, and this sense of understanding can lead to a better, more connected society."

"As students, we must learn to embrace differences and navigate diverse perspectives to imagine transformative solutions."

"International education broadens your horizon, and it shows new perspectives of the world."

"International education provides an opportunity to explore new cultures, meet people from various backgrounds, and experience the colors of all cultures."

"International education is a way to experience the diverse cultures and traditions that make up the student community."

"Experience and exposure makes you, or more precisely enables you, to come up with solutions to the world's problems, which is more inclusive in nature."

"To break barriers is fundamental to achieve a more plural and cosmopolitan society that is grounded in tolerance and virtuous values."

"International education provides opportunities to understand the challenges and perspectives of people from different cultures, countries, and lived experiences."

"International education allows me to know the world and love the world in multiple perspectives."

""International education gives us the opportunity to learn from global perspectives and experiences. It gives us a global network!

"International education provides more information, more knowledge, and more culture for different minds and future thinking."

"International education is important because the world became global a long time ago."

"International education allows me to interact with international students and learn about their cutlures and traditions."