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TU Citizen: Isaac Muhando

man in a blue shirt in a tree

I'm interested in the structure of mixed language, so I'm looking at the mythology syntax of Sheng. Sheng is one of the urban dialects spoken by young people in Nairobi. You know, most of the time we talk about languages dying, but this is an example of language genesis, a new language coming up.

When you talk about the definition of language or dialects, it's a very complex issue. Yes, we might have a community or a speech community that uses Swahili and maybe within this speech community, they have their own culture, right? Which maybe is a representation of language. But also, language goes beyond borders.

The whole goal of us using language is to communicate. To pass across information, to share information. Language is crossing borders.

Most colleges, especially liberal arts colleges, they're trying to introduce international languages and less commonly taught languages. We have so many countries converging at Tulane, and from that you get to learn each of the cultures around the world.

– Instructor, English for Academic and Professional Purposes (EAPP)