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TU Citizen: Juliana Mejia-Guevara

woman in a dress with squares standing

Although I was born here in the United States, when I introduce myself, I always say I'm Mexican. But then it gets complicated because, I've actually only been once. Growing up, during the day I was in my school talking with my friends in English or in French. But then when I came back home, it was just Spanish and I felt like, I'm back in Mexico.

For me, homesickness hits hard. I always call my parents and my dad's like, “Julianna, if I had that opportunity, I would take it.” All their experiences are on me. So I'm just like: I got this. I can do this for my family.

Here at Tulane, the borders I have -- even in my own room, I decorate it so Mexican, especially right now coming into like Day of the Dead season. I'm making an altar for my family. In a way, I always want to be connected to my culture, even if it's just in my room.

– Student, School of Architecture