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TU Citizen: Nurzhan Mukashev

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I'm working on my degree, learning a lot of new things, trying to improve quality of medical care. I see myself not only as a Kazakhstani professional or a US professional, but as an international professional.

Usually when you grow older and you go to graduate school, in my example, you're already a grown up, adult person and you have borders set up in your personality and you are kind of hesitant to learn new things, to change your ways.

The thing is that living here, I’m experiencing things I never can experience back in my country. For instance, Hurricane Ida evacuation. We don't have hurricanes back home. But here, living through the evacuation and seeing these experiences, it's bad, but also this New Orleans feel of support, neighborhood. Wow, it was a great experience for me. So it's about learning, opening up your borders. I think that's one of the great aspects of Tulane: that you can change your perspective once more in your life.

– PhD Candidate in Global Health Management and Policy