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International Travel Safety & Emergency Provider

Important Announcement for Traveling Abroad 

 If you need urgent travel assistance or emergency support while traveling outside of the United States, contact Crisis24: (+1) 312-470-3115  / Toll Free: (+1) 844-896-4183 / goc@crisis24.com



As Tulane deepens its global engagement we are pleased to offer new services for our students, staff, and faculty engaged in Tulane-related international travel. Starting January 1, 2023, Crisis24 will be Tulane's new international travel safety & emergency response provider, providing a number of services and benefits:

  • Emergency and urgent medical assistance
  • Medical and security evacuation services
  • Health information and advisory services
  • Medical, legal and dental locator and referral services
  • Replacement assistance for medications or prescriptions
  • Assistance with passport, visa replacement
  • Emergency messaging

***Click HERE for a detailed list of services provided by Crisis24 for Tulane-related Travel Abroad***

After booking Tulane-related travel through Concur/World Travel Management Services, faculty, students and staff traveling outside of the United States will automatically be enrolled in Crisis24's international travel safety program and will have access to the following benefits via the web portal and mobile app:

Tulane Global emergency assistance hotlineEmergency Hotline: (+1) 312-470-3115  or Toll Free: (+1) 844-896-4183  / goc@crisis24.com, available 24/7/365. Only use when in need of medical or security assistance while abroad.

Tulane Global travel itinerary infoAccess to itinerary-specific security information to better understand possible threats and disruptions in your vicinity or for any location worldwide.

Tulane Global two-way messagingFree Two-way messaging capabilities so that Tulane can confirm your safety in the event of a crisis or deliver important notifications.


Crisis24 Worldcue® Web Portal  

Tulane’s faculty, students and staff traveling internationally have access to comprehensive safety information, location alerts, and security/emergency assistance via the Worldcue Web Portal. Follow these instructions to log in: 

Crisis24 Worldcue® Mobile App

Tulane's faculty, students and staff traveling internationally have access to comprehensive safety information, location alerts, and security/emergency assistance via the Worldcue Mobile App. Some of the app's features include:

  • Emergency Assistance Hotline Button: (+1) 312-470-3115 or Toll Free: (+1) 844-896-4183  / goc@crisis24.comThis dedicated hotline is available 24/7/365 and should be used when in need of travel, medical, or security assistance while outside of the United States.
  • Crisis Alarm sends your location information if urgent help is needed and the situation requires you to communicate silently.
  • Automated App Notifications of intel alerts relevant to travel itinerary and location if allowed.
  • Quick access to destination intelligence.

WorldCue app screens


How to Download the Mobile App
  1. Download the Worldcue app from either Google Play or the iTunes App Store.
  2. Once installed, click Sign In to create an account by entering your Tulane email.
  3. You will be redirected to Tulane's login page where you should enter your Tulane username and password to access the app.
  4. Once in the app, view and edit your personal information and emergency contacts.
  5. Save the Assistance Hotline phone number: (+1) 312-470-3115 or Toll Free: (+1) 844-896-4183 . The hotline should only be used when in need of travel, medical, or security assistance.


What to Do in the Event of an Emergency while Abroad

  1. Stabilize the immediate emergency/threat (e.g., rescue others from immediate threat; take cover; leave area safely; etc.).
  2. Alert first responders in-country of the threat, as appropriate. Not all countries have a central 911 emergency dispatch. However, they may have dedicated country-wide numbers for police, fire, and ambulance. Click here for a list of “911” equivalents by country.
  3. Contact Crisis24, Tulane’s International Travel Safety & Emergency Provider. Dedicated hotline: (+1) 312-470-3115 or Toll Free: (+1) 844-896-4183  / Email: goc@crisis24.com
  4. When safe, you or the trip leader should submit an incident report to Tulane documenting critical information.
  5. Contact your on-campus school or department.
  6. Respond to the crisis by gathering and verifying facts, coordinating support, and initiating appropriate hazard-specific protocols.



Tulane Global is working to better support Tulanians researching, working, and studying around the world, by creating a clearinghouse of international travel resources. Access information about international travel insurance and safety programs, the process to seek permission for high risk international travel, and travel policy. If you have questions regarding Crisis24 or international travel policies more broadly, please reach out to the Tulane Global team at tulaneglobal@tulane.edu.

Manual Trip Entry

If you have been pre-approved through the Travel Department to book Tulane-related travel outside of Concur/World Travel Management Services, travelers, delegates and/or program staff members are required to manually register their travel with Crisis24 for emergency assistance and services while traveling outside of the United States at the following link: https://apps.worldcue.com/mte/startMTE.xhtml?affiliateId=732826. Please note that you will have to include Tulane's email address, the airline's "agency record locator" and itinerary to register your travel successfully.