If you are a Tulane-affiliated traveler and need urgent travel assistance or emergency support while traveling outside of the United States, contact Crisis24(+1) 312-470-3115 / Toll-Free: (+1) 844-896-4183 / goc@crisis24.com.

TU Citizen: Alice Popescu

"I was born in Romania at a time when traveling internationally was an option for very few. My journey of discovering the world began when I moved to South Africa at the age of 12. That was my first time flying in an airplane and flying by myself. It was also the first time I ever visited a place outside of my home country. I did not really know what to expect but I remember being a little scared and nervous. I had all these thoughts going through my head. What if people cannot understand my broken English? What if I get lost or I will not like this new place I was going to live in? I will miss my childhood friends and the food I am used to… To my surprise, everyone I met on my journey to Johannesburg, was so helpful. As soon as I boarded the plane, this lady took me under her wing and prepared me for my arrival to my new home. I wish I could see her again to let her know what a huge impact she had on me, and how her kindness and attention has changed my life and the way I look at the world. Since then, I have been passionate about traveling and I strongly believe that a person’s education can be enhanced through knowledge of other cultures and by engaging in activities that involve people with various backgrounds and beliefs. I am passionate about sharing my life experiences to promote new values and to bring people together."