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TU Citizen: Ana Villar

“I think that the concept of borderlands –whether in theory or in praxis- is key in allowing us to question identit(ies) in general, but more specifically the intersectionality of identities based on race, gender, and nationality. As a Puerto Rican, I've gone through many stages of questioning who I am and who I am not, considering the complicated political status of the Island and its relationship with the United States. In that sense, since I’ve been born, I’ve always delved in-between and around borderlands …mis fronteras son el mar, mi Spanglish, vivir en la diáspora, mi pasaporte estadounidense, mi (no) derecho a votar por (mi) presidente... 

It has also been a privilege that I've been able to move around and travel since a very young age and each international experience that I've encountered has been pivotal to my growth as a person and as a professional. The journey and quest to be a global citizen is never-ending and it goes beyond studying abroad or immersion experiences (which are beyond amazing and an integral part of my life). But we are at a point where we must constantly question and foster mobility and access, international research and collaborations, more inclusive teaching methodologies and curricula, and ultimately how can we always strive to be more inclusive and diverse in every aspect of our lives.” 

– Senior Program Manager for International Travel and Engagement, Tulane Global