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Ana Villar

Sr. Program Manager for International Travel and Engagement

Ana Villar


Ana is an integral part of Tulane Global providing programmatic and communications support for the University’s strategies for global education, research, and engagement. Ana oversees the development and implementation of communications strategies for Tulane Global to enhance Tulane University’s reputation as a top-tier research university of global consequence in a variety of global markets.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ana has held leadership, teaching, and administrative positions in universities in the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean. In her role as an adjunct faculty, Ana loves to teach Spanish and Iberoamerican Literature with special emphasis in literary and audiovisual representations of minorities. Ana is a firm believer that propitiating intercultural experiences – whether in the configuration and planning of space(s), curricula, research, teaching methodologies, or immersive study experiences – are the building blocks for more inclusive, diverse, and equitable societies.

For the last decade, Ana has also gained solid international experience in communications and content marketing, including the creation of her own startup while living in the Republic of Panama. In that sense, Ana has been able to extrapolate her academic experience and transferable skills to the private and public sectors in order to help brands reach their goals in the generation of quality content/thought leadership, market/field research, creative writing and storytelling, among others.

Ana holds an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Puerto Rico, a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in Spanish and Portuguese, both from Tulane University.