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About the Map

International Research Collaborations

Data are based on academic peer-reviewed journal articles with a Tulane affiliated author. International collaborations were identified by the location of affiliated institutions of non-Tulane co-authors.

Journal Articles: The number of journal articles with at least one co-author from a given country. Locations of co-authors are based on co-authors’ affiliated institution.

Citations: The total number citations received by articles with a co-author affiliated with an institution in a given country.

Collaborating Institutions: The number of unique affiliated institutions in a country.

Data source: Academic Analytics


International Students

Students with a sponsored F1 or J1 visa. Number of students are based on enrollment in the fall semester.

Data Source: Tulane Office of the Registrar


Education Abroad

Tulane students participating in a Tulane study abroad program in the academic year and summer study abroad programs.

Data Source: Tulane Center for Global Education