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Values and Cross-Cultural Communication Student Lives

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Telecollaboration - engage in weekly SKYPE CONVERSATIONS with students in brazil!

Today there are 240 million Portuguese speakers, making it one of the fastest growing languages in the world. By 2050, experts estimate that 450 million people will speak Portuguese worldwide.

Join us and engage in weekly one-on-one conversations via Skype with Brazilian university students. Expand your horizons to include millions of potential colleagues and friends!

To register, complete placement questionnaire:

Visit our website at or email us at

Tutor/Language Exchange Partner Recruiting by Tulane Chinese Language Program/ Asian Studies

Dear Tulane Chinese community,

Thank you for supporting Tulane Chinese program in the past years! Fall 2020 is around the corner! If you are interested in sharing your knowledge on Chinese language and culture and seeking an opportunity to converse with your American English speaking peers /internationals on a range of social cultural issues, please join the tutor/conversation partner program with Tulane Chinese program by filling out the application form via and submit it by 5:00 PM, September 7, 2020.

After that, please patiently wait for approval/confirmation emails from Chinese professors. We will pair you with one or two students based on your preference. Our students will contact you through email or phone number. Once you are in touch with each other, you can meet online once a week for about 40 minutes each meeting. For each tutorial, the first 20 minutes are dedicated on Chinese speaking to complete the tutorial task assigned by Chinese instructors or anything related to Chinese language or topics and the last 20 minutes on English speaking to discuss the topics that you are interested. We hope students can be beneficial through this tutorial program, facilitating language learning and cultural communication. 

If you have any other questions, you may contact us via email. We look forward to having you join us! Wish you all the best!

Tulane Chinese Language/Asian Studies Program


杜兰亚洲研究中文项目 辅导员/语伴项目招募通知



感谢大家在过去几年来对杜兰中文项目的大力支持!2020年秋季学期即将开学,在杜兰大学紧张学习工作的同时,如果您希望有机会跟美国/国际生进行一对一的交流,分享自己的中国语言文化知识,并且锻炼增进英文口语能力,欢迎加入杜兰大学中文项目下的辅导员/语伴项目。 杜兰大学亚洲研究下的中文项目在过去每年有近两百人次学习中文, 每个学期我们都招募辅导员/语伴。如果您对我们的项目感兴趣,请直接点击链接填表报名即可:,2020年秋季报名的截止日期为 2020年9月7号下午5点。


提交申请表格后, 请耐心等待中文老师的来信 。中文老师会根据您的需求安排一位或两位学生,学生会通过电子邮件或电话与各位联系。 我们要求每位学生能跟您在线上一周见一次面, 每次一次约40分钟,前二十分钟里,我们要求学生使用中文跟你们交流并完成老师所布置的讨论/采访话题,或者讨论你们感兴趣的话题;后二十分钟里,我们要求学生跟各位用英文讨论你们所感兴趣的话题。我们希望这个语伴活动可以成为一个互惠双赢、促进语言学习和文化交流的机会。






Tulane International Society (TIS) Faculty/Student Panel

Hard to travel nowadays? Learn about other cultures through meeting faculty members from around the world, or who have traveled around the world! Tulane International Society will be hosting a faculty/student panel on Wednesday September 30th 5-6PM to learn about their international experiences.

Log onto Zoom and enjoy the night, chatting and asking questions. Feel free to bring your own dinner and eat together, or just yourself and be ready to meet new people! Giveaway snacks will also be available for attendees!

Zoom ID: 959 2493 8953
Sign-up form:

Guest Faculty/Staff:
-Judith Maxwell (Guatemala)
-Renata Ribeiro (Brazil)
-Charles Mignot (France)
-Alice Popescu (Romania)
-Keqi Ren (China)

Intercultural Cookbook Club

Food is a cultural space. From the ingredients, to the utensils you use, to the people you eat with, food traditions are steeped in culture. This year, the Tulane Office of Study Abroad is creating a space for students across the world to share and celebrate their food cultures with others through GroupMe. Share what you're eating and cooking as well as learn about new food traditions. Try out recipes you learn from the group and share how it went!


We hope this can be a casual (and delicious) space of intercultural learning.


To join the conversation, please sign up for the GroupMe here:

CIEE Venezuela Student Leadership Program

The CIEE Venezuela Student Leadership Program is designed to empower student leaders from Venezuela and the United States as active, conscious, and civically minded leaders.

This 10-week, non-credit virtual exchange program, fully funded by the U.S. Department of State and administered by CIEE, will run from October 5-December 18 (with a one-week break for Thanksgiving). Students will engage with key democratic ideals, values, and best practices, demonstrated through case studies from the U.S. and Latin America, and will cultivate the skills needed to promote active and engaged citizenship among young leaders.

Requirements: all participants must be current college or university students at a U.S.-based institution. All instruction and course materials will be in Spanish; advanced Spanish language skills required. Finalists will be required to complete an interview in Spanish with CIEE staff.

The application may be completed in English except for the essay prompt. Applications are due September 15th.

Click here to access the program application.

Tulane highlights CET's "ARABIC LANGUAGE TABLE"

An online language table with CET staff and instructors. Come and learn about the CET Jordan program and practice your skills with native speakers.
Languages offered: Modern Standard Arabic, Jordanian Dialect.

Modern Standard Arabic: 
September 15, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST. Register to attend.
October 14, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST. Register to attend.

Jordanian Dialect:
September 30, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST. Register to attend. 
October 27, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST. Register to attend. 


A weekly Japanese language table with CET staff and Japanese college students. Come and learn about the CET Japan program and practice your Japanese skills with native speakers. Attendees are split into virtual breakout rooms for conversation. 

Date(s): Every Tuesday at 10:00 PM EST. Register to attend.

Tulane highlights FU/BEST's "German Language and Culture LIVE Sessions, Beginner to Advanced"

Dec. 2, 2020 | Weihnachten in Berlin – unterwegs auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt!“ – German Language and Culture for Beginners (A1 and A2) – LIVE! at 6 p.m. CET (Central European Time) 11 a.m. CST (Central Standard Time)

Welcome to Berlin in December! The season means we will take you to one of our many Christmas markets and prepare you for communicating, understanding local customs, shopping, and introducing yourself to the Germans you will meet. Our instructor of this interactive session for Beginners looks forward to seeing you and to showing you how easy it is to start learning German. Wir sehen uns!

Instructor: Christine Weber-Neumann
Regular FU-BEST Courses: FU-BEST German Language Courses (7 Levels of Proficiency from Beginner 1 through Advanced 2) 

Sign up here!

For reasons of data protection, our live German language sessions will not be recorded; however, you can watch a general introduction to the FU-BEST German Language Program here.


Dec. 9, 2020 | Weihnachten in Berlin – wer feiert wie?“ – German Language and Culture for Intermediate Learners (B1 through B3) – LIVE! at 6 p.m. CET (Central European Time) 11 a.m. CST (Central Standard Time)

Willkommen in der Vorweihnachtszeit in Berlin! Wir laden Sie ein, verschiedene Bräuche unterschiedlicher Kulturen in unserer Stadt zu dieser Jahreszeit kennenzulernen. This interactive session for learners of German on an Intermediate level will introduce you to different festivities and rituals in multicultural Berlin, but also look at childhood traditions kept alive by families and singles in the big city. You will learn and understand a classic Christmas poem and song and eventually be able to extend and politely accept an invitation to celebrate together (as well as understand which present to bring). Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

Instructor: Thomas Wiederhold
Regular FU-BEST Courses: FU-BEST German Language Courses (7 Levels of Proficiency from Beginner 1 through Advanced 2) 

Sign up here!

For reasons of data protection, our live German language sessions will not be recorded; however, you can watch a general introduction to the FU-BEST German Language Program here.


Dec. 16, 2020 |Weihnachten in Berlin – Konsum, Kulturgut, Kitsch?“ – Deutsche Sprache und Kultur für Fortgeschrittene (C1 und C2) – LIVE! at 6 p.m. CET (Central European Time) 11 a.m. CST (Central Standard Time)

Diese interaktive Deutscheinheit für fortgeschrittene Deutschlerner beschäftigt sich mit wichtigen Gedanken rund um Weihnachten – was bedeutet dieses Fest eigentlich (noch), wie ist es, an Weihnachten alleine zu sein, geht es nur noch um Kommerz und Kitsch oder hat Weihnachten doch eine eigene Magie, alt und jung, unterschiedliche Kulturen/Religionen sowie Freunde und Fremde zusammenzubringen? Wir sprechen über das Feiern in Deutschland und Berlin, aber auch bei Ihnen zu Hause, und über klassische Rituale am Jahresende – oder alternative Aktivitäten in einer Großstadt wie Berlin! Lassen Sie uns miteinander reden!

Instructor: Katrin Mensing
Regular FU-BEST Courses: FU-BEST German Language Courses (7 Levels of Proficiency from Beginner 1 through Advanced 2) 

Sign up here!

For reasons of data protection, our live German language sessions will not be recorded; however, you can watch a general introduction to the FU-BEST German Language Program here.

Tulane highlights IES's "Juntos: Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Latinx Students, and the Future of Study Abroad"

Join us for a dialogue and a student panel focused on Hispanic-Serving Institutions, the Latinx student experience and perspective, and the future of study abroad.

The Latinx population is the largest ethnic minority in the United States. Correspondingly, Latinx students make up more than 20% of the student population in the post-secondary education system. So, why is this community constantly overlooked and underfunded when it comes to conversations of study abroad? 

To provide context ahead of the panel, IES Abroad Senior Diversity Relations Manager Hernando Sevilla-Garcia will present an abridged version of his research conducted at Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy. The study titled Missing Abroad: (Under)Representation of Latinx Students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions in Study Abroad focuses on the factors (e.g., resources, individual challenges, and institutional obstacles) that play a role in the study abroad participation of Latinx students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

A student panel comprised of Latinx study abroad alumni will share their unique perspectives on their international academic experiences. Learn how Karen navigated and leveraged resources at her home institution and her advice for HSIs in increasing Latinx representation abroad. Hear how Yesenia’s service-learning program aided her journey to a fellowship in Congress with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) and admission to Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Learn how Omar’s launch of a student-led study abroad club set forth institutional change and how students can inspire others to go abroad after returning home.

Learn more about IES Abroad's Tu Mundo initiative—an integral part of our mission to educate global leaders designed to help more students from established and emerging Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) study abroad.

Date & Time: October 2, 2020 at 2PM Central 


Panel Participants

Hernando Sevilla-Garcia

IES Abroad Senior Diversity Relations Manager

Yesenia Ayala

IES Abroad Santiago
Grinnell College

Omar Nedzelsky Jr. 

IES Abroad Tokyo
University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley

Karen Soto

California State University, San Bernardino

Tulane highlights IES's "Globalization is Accelerating! Imagine the Possibilities!"

WE ARE EXCITED to bring you Globalization is Accelerating! Imagine the Possibilities! IES Alumni Engagement has brought together a group of talented alumni who want to share with you their professional global experiences.

Join IES Vienna 1997 alumnus and author of The Accidental Business Nomad, Kyle Hegarty as he moderates a panel of fellow alums: Brynn Campbell (Amsterdam, Fall 2016), Greg Morley (London, Summer 1987), Faye Sahai (Freiburg, Fall 1988), Deborah Schuler (Durham 1973-74) who will share their experiences in international banking, luxury brand marketing, consulting, and mission-driven, non-profit work. Drawing on his consulting, and global team experiences, Kyle will help guide the conversation so that participants walk away knowing:

  • How to build a global career
  • Key communication skills when joining a global team
  • How to navigate a global workplace

Date & Time: October 29, 2020 at 9AM Central


Meet the Moderator & Panelist

Kyle Hegarty

IES Abroad Vienna Alum, 1997

Brynn Campbell

IES Abroad Amsterdam, Fall '16

Greg Morley

IES Abroad London, Summer 1987

Faye Sahai

IES Abroad Freiburg, 1988

Deborah Schuler

IES Abroad Durham, 1973-74