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Transferring Credit


Information about your study abroad credit coming back to Tulane

For coursework completed on a Newcomb-Tulane Study Abroad Program or ISO, the Tulane transcript will automatically show all courses, grades, and credits. There is no need to petition for elective credit for courses taken on Tulane-approved study abroad programs, although the awarding of credit toward a major or minor is at the discretion of the relevant department or program.
Unless specifically noted in the program description on this website, grades earned abroad in the Fall semester of 2015 and thereafter will appear on the official transcript, but will not be calculated into the cumulative GPA.   This policy will not apply to Tulane faculty-led summer programs, or to courses completed in study abroad programs offered through the Freeman School of Business.

To receive Tulane credit for coursework abroad, students must complete the program and submit all materials and assignments to their instructors by the end of the last day of class, and take scheduled examinations. Students are strongly encouraged to retain a personal copy of all work submitted abroad and relevant course syllabi until all grades and courses have been posted to the official Tulane transcript. The process to transfer credit from your study abroad program to your Tulane record may take up to four months, depending on the receipt of the transcript from the program provider or host institution. Students planning to graduate the semester of or immediately after their study abroad should take this into consideration. 

All courses that you took while abroad will appear as graded Tulane elective credit on your transcript, but the grades will not factor into your Tulane GPA. (Grades will be listed next to the courses, though.) If you would like major or minor credit, you must meet with the appropriate departmental advisor to have them complete the Course Equivalency Form. Often, faculty wish to see syllabi from the courses abroad, and sometimes also want to see papers that you wrote or exams that you took. Make sure to bring those items with you back to New Orleans if you are going to seek major or minor credit!