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Preparing to Leave Tulane

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Steps once you’ve been approved to study abroad

Return to OSA Global to access important information for registration and orientation

You must revisit your OSA Global application in order to read through learning content prior to your study abroad experience, as well as officially commit to the program. OSA Global also includes the information you need to register at Tulane while you are studying abroad, to continue to receive your Tulane financial aid and to retain your class standing. Finally, OSA Global contains information about mandatory pre-departure orientations that will take place the semester before you depart. 

Host Program or Institution

Once you've been approved by Tulane to study abroad, you should immediately begin applying to your host program. (You may even start this process prior to receiving approval from Tulane, if the program is selective or has an early application deadline.) You must be approved by Tulane's Office of Study Abroad AND accepted by your host program. Upon acceptance, your host program will likely have a number of items for you to complete and submit, such as housing and course requests!

Passports and Visas

Your passport must be valid for 6 months following the end of your study abroad program!

Some countries require visiting students to have a visa in order to pursue their course of study. A visa is a document issued by the host country giving you permission to study for the duration of your program. You should begin looking into the visa application process for your host country as soon as possible. Requirements for visas vary for each country. Allow sufficient time for processing your visa application, as the application process could take 1-3 months and you may need to make an in-person visit to the consulate. Additionally, you may need to leave your passport with the consulate, and so plan your summer travel accordingly. 

Research host country requirements by visiting the country’s embassy website to learn if you need a visa and the steps to apply. Once you've been accepted by your program, you may also receive information from your provider on how to apply for your visa. The Tulane Office of Study Abroad is NOT RESPONSIBLE for making any visa arrangements for students studying on Tulane programs.

Consider enrolling in COLQ 3050: Global Cultural Awareness: Preparing to Study Abroad

Global Cultural Awareness is the first course in a series of three 1-credit courses. It is a pre-departure seminar designed to give students the skill set to capitalize from the outset on the experiences, network connections, and academic environment that their particular exchange experience will offer. Prior to departure for study abroad, students will develop a Service-Learning or Internship project to be conducted while abroad that will function as a point of class discussion for the following course taken while abroad.

To enroll: send your name, your email, and your Splash Card ID # to Prof. Annie Gibson

Check out this video about the course!

Attend Pre-Departure Orientation

The Office of Study Abroad hosts in-person Pre-Departure Orientation Sessions designed to ensure that students know how to access the resources they need before, during and after their study abroad experience. Attendance at a Pre-Departure Orientation session is mandatory for all students participating in a Tulane study abroad program. The dates and times for the Pre-Departure Orientation are listed in the Tulane OSA notification letter and are also listed below. 

In addition to the general Pre-Departure Orientation Sessions for all study abroad students, OSA holds a series of PDOs each semester on topics such as Navigating Gender While Abroad, Race and Ethnicity in International Contexts, LGBTQ and Study Abroad, Budgeting While Abroad and more. These optional PDOs are to help educate students on specific topics that may be relevant to them. 

We have uploaded a recording of the Fall 2018 PDO for those of you that were unable to attend an in-person presentation. 

Watch the Pre-Departure Orientation! 

Work with the International Community on Tulane's Campus

Get to know Tulane's international community before you leave campus and start building your intercultural communication skills right here in New Orleans!