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Selecting courses while abroad

Course listings can usually be found on the program provider or host university website for the period that you will be abroad. If you are having a hard time finding them, you can always check with your study abroad adviser for assistance. These listings are a great resource to see what is available on your host program but please keep in mind that final course selection is generally made during the beginning of your study abroad program, on-site.

Tulane support to select courses

You should speak with your Academic Adviser at Tulane and your Major adviser in your department about selecting your courses while you’re studying abroad. During the application process, you will be required to get their approval for study abroad. This requirement is meant to provide a time for you to discuss this topic with your advisers.

Tulane Course Equivalency Lists

The program brochure page on the Office of Study Abroad website lists course equivalencies in the "Courses Students Have Taken" section of the Program Description. If you can’t find a particular course on that list, it may just mean that no Tulane student has taken it before! You can speak with your departmental adviser about the course to see if they can tell you the equivalency.

Course Approvals

You are eligible to earn elective credit for all courses taken on an approved Tulane study abroad program as long as there is a matching discipline at Tulane. (For example, you would not receive elective credit for a Physical Education or Culinary Arts course because there is no equivalent department at Tulane.) Credit taken abroad can count towards your major or minor, but the awarding of major or minor credit is wholly at the discretion of the relevant Tulane academic department. The OSA strongly advises you to retain course materials, including syllabi, reading lists, papers and exams, and to closely coordinate with you major, minor and academic advisers prior to study abroad and during registration periods as much as possible in order to understand credit transfer requirements.

Enrollment Minimum and Maximum

You're required to enroll in the minimum courseload as determined by your host program or university. If your program does not indicate a minimum, Tulane requires you to enroll in a minimum of the equivalent of 12 Tulane semester credit hours in order to maintain full-time status. The number of courses you will take may depend on the number of credit hours of the course. Tulane sets no upper limit on the number of credit hours you can earn during a semester abroad, but your individual program or university may.

Enrollment Restrictions

Yes! If Tulane does not have a matching discipline, such as Physical Education or Culinary Arts, you are not able to take a course in that discipline while abroad. In general, you should not enroll in any course while abroad in a field of study not offered at Tulane if that course has not been pre-approved. Students on an Office of Study Abroad program cannot take Business courses. When in doubt, check with your academic adviser!

Transferring Courses back to Tulane

Grades are processed and posted as they are received, and the timing of their posting varies from program to program. The Tulane Office of Study Abroad receives student grade reports from host institutions and programs, and is therefore dependent upon these institutions for the grades. You can expect a waiting period of up to three months following the conclusion of the study abroad program. Upon receipt, the grades are checked by OSA staff and then entered into the Tulane system. If you have any financial hold from the host institution, your grades may be delayed. You are also expected to complete your study abroad program evaluation prior to the posting of grades.