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Study Abroad is more than just that one semester you spend in another country! Your international experience can be a fundamental component of your undergraduate career. Tulane students start thinking about study abroad even before they come to campus as freshmen! When thinking about spending a year, semester or summer taking courses in a foreign country, you might begin to feel overwhelmed by all of the options and considerations. Our Prospective Students page can help you figure out where to start, from thinking about your major or minor requirements, language goals or even networking opportunities.

Once you’ve selected your program and completed the application process – Congratulations, by the way! – the fun really begins. Our Current Students page contains resources on culture shock and intercultural communication, as well as information about differences in academic cultures abroad and the nitty-gritty about transferring credits.

As your term abroad winds down, you may be thinking that coming back to Tulane is as easy as jumping on a plane. Our Returned Students section may change your mind. From tips on how to incorporate your study abroad experience into your resume to advice on international fellowships, work and volunteer abroad opportunities, our office is all about helping you integrate your international experience back into your life at Tulane and beyond!

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