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Marketing for Faculty-Led Programs


Students will use the Program Brochure to access to information about your program. Students will apply to the program through this webpage. You may also want to create a webpage that students can access through your department’s website. Consider sharing pictures, testimonials, videos, travel plans, etc. We will link to any supplemental webpage that you provide to us. Make sure that your site links to ours and does not have contradictory content. Blogs (i.e. WordPress)  and social media are also great tools for sharing information, scheduling events, and giving an overview of the program dates, course descriptions, site visits, housing, and field trips. Since students are accustomed to using social media in their everyday life, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube can be a great platforms for promotion. OSA is very active on Facebook and Instagram and is happy to share your social media posts. 

Study Abroad Fair 

Each year, the Office of Study Abroad invites program leaders to attend our annual Study Abroad fair on October 17, 2018 in the Qatar Ballroom from 2 -5 pm. We will provide a table but it's up to you to bring some advertising material to attract student interest. If you cannot attend the whole event, inform us so that we can have coverage at the table for the entire fair. If you know of any former students that have been on one of your summer programs, please invite them to the fair! Fill out the Study Abroad Fair registration form here so we can be sure to reserve a table and advertise your attendance at the event. 

OSA Study Abroad Fair Website

Flyers, Posters and Brochures

  • Make them simple and informative.
  • Provide only the most pertinent information: title, program and info session dates, contact info, and images of the site or past programs.
  • Direct students to the program website and contact information.
  • Share digital fliers on the LBC Digital Wall. 

Classroom Visits 

  • Visit classes in your department and also those covering material related to your program topics.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to arrange promotional visits.
  • Large lectures help you reach the widest audience and maximize your time.
  • Classroom visits should last only 3-7 minutes.
  • Provide flyers or brochures so that interested students can get more information.
  • Bring a simple overhead flyer that’s easy to read with only the most pertinent information on it.

Information sessions

  • Information sessions are an opportunity to elaborate on your program and course, entice students, answer their questions, and introduce them to maps, pictures, syllabi, even past participants.
  • Schedule during the recruitment period to help jumpstart applications.
  • Plan a short presentation allowing for questions at the end.
  • Post flyers that advertise the date and time of your info session around your department and other pertinent locations and share the event widely on social media. Facebook is great for promoting events. 
  • Post the information to the program website and send it out over departmental email lists and post to campus calendars. The Newcomb-Tulane College Newsletter is a great resource for sharing information to the undergraduate community. 

Student Ambassadors

Enlist program alumni to spread the word on their networks. Don't be shy in asking them to use word of mouth to share program information with their peers!