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Taking Care of Your Health in the United States

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Unlike many countries around the world, the United States does not have a nationalized healthcare system. This means that individuals are responsible to either pay for their own treatment out of pocket or purchase health insurance to help cover the cost of their medical bills.  In addition, in the current healthcare environment in the United States, medical costs are perhaps the highest in the world.  For example, an appendectomy can cost $60,493, a fractured humerus, $47,445, a fractured clavicle, $18,393, a car accident can cost upwards of $150,000.  Universities in the United States have developed multi-tiered strategies to ensure the health of its students so that the overall university community is as health as can be and also so that students can maintain their own health as they pursue their academic endeavors.

Tulane University has a 3-tiered student health strategy:

  1. Requiring immunizations from all students
  2. Providing on-campus health and wellness services
  3. Requiring students to have appropriate student health insurance

Please take the time to read about this important topic. Many decisions should be made before you leave your country. If you have questions, contact the OISS. We would be happy to point you in the right direction! 

More information can be found at 

Health Presentation

Health Presentation (No Narration)

If you have questions, please contact or 504-865-5208.


DISCLAIMER: Please see this video that describes the U.S. Healthcare System that was developed by International Student Insurance. This information provided by Tulane University solely for the benefit of giving an overview and orientation to U.S. Healthcare and was not developed by Tulane University, not is it an endorsement for any type of services or products mentioned within the video.

US Healthcare System Overview from International Student Insurance.