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Know Your Rights During COVID-19 Resources

Updated May 18, 2020


The OISS coordinated a workshop in collaboration with Helen Harnett, attorney at law at Pelton + Balducci LLC on May 13.  International student and scholar rights to government and private resources was discussed. 

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Moving Out

If you are voluntarily moving out of your current rental soon, read the section at the bottom of this TULAP webpage “At the End of the Lease” to prepare for your departure.

Rent Assistance

We strongly encourage students to reach out to their landlords to see what accommodations they can make regarding rent. While many landlords are not waiving rent requirements entirely, they may be amenable to waiving late fees or portions of rent for a specified period. For an example script for talking to your landlord, visit this page.


You cannot be evicted from your rental without a legal process. If you are facing eviction, contact the Tulane Legal Assistance Program (TULAP) immediately at or call (504) 581-9322. Read below for current conditions due to the coronavirus and visit this link for general eviction information. Visit the Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) page to understand the Legal Rights of Tenants During COVID-19. SLLS also provides legal assistance related to evictions and other matters.

Current Eviction Conditions
Updated on May 18, 2020

Louisiana courts are currently closed due the stay-at-home order and cannot process evictions. The order is in effect until Friday, May 18 and may be extended further. After the order is lifted it is unknown when the courts will begin processing evictions again. You may be currently protected from eviction until August 24 if the property where you live receives federal support. The U.S. federal government has passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, which provides some temporary eviction protections. For any property that has a federally-backed mortgage or participates in other federal housing programs, the landlord cannot post an eviction notice until July 25, and the landlord must give 30 days’ notice of eviction, potentially extending the eviction date to August 24. It may not be possible for you as a tenant to find out if the CARES Act applies to the property where you live, but contact TULAP immediately if you are facing any threat of eviction.

Summer On-Campus Housing

All international students (undergraduate and graduate) can apply to live on the uptown campus this summer. Students will be placed in a single occupancy suite-style room that may share a bathroom with up to 1 other person. This housing would be located in a facility with access to a shared kitchen and access to free laundry machines. If you would like to live on campus, fill in the Housing Interest Form.

Food Access

Emergency Financial Needs

If you have a current and urgent financial need, please fill out the Tulane Emergency Fund application.

Leaving the United States

If you want to return to your home country and you’re having trouble finding or purchasing plane tickets, contact your nearest embassy or consulate. You can also visit this list of embassies offering Repatriation Assistance. If you have graduated or completed OPT, but you are not able to leave the US, contact OISS and/or make an appointment with immigration attorney Marco Balducci at TULAP to discuss options for maintaining valid immigration status.

Medical Care

  • Campus Health recognizes the difficult situations many students are facing during this time, including the ability to access healthcare in New Orleans. To extend help and support during this period, Campus Health has temporarily suspended the eligibility requirement to access Campus Health services. Campus Health will not require the Campus Health fee for current students who were not assessed the Spring 2020 fee through June 30, 2020. This will allow students who have not paid the fee and still living in the New Orleans area to be seen at the Health Center Uptown or schedule a telehealth appointment for medical or mental health services. After hours, students can call the Nurse Advice Line at +1-855-487-0290 or call a local Urgent Care Center.
  • Community Health Centers – pay on a sliding scale (cost based on ability to pay)


Unemployment insurance are generally not taken into account by USCIS when making a public charge determination. International students may be eligible for unemployment and are welcome to apply. Applying for or receiving unemployment may not hinder applications for future immigration benefits/changes of status. If you have questions about your eligibility for unemployment or the impact on future immigration applications, please contact an immigration attorney. To file a claim, visit or call the LWC Claim Center at 866-783-5567. Please review this website for more information about how to apply.”

Loan/Payment Deferments

Contact your loan provider to see what deferment options are available for mortgages, credit cards, and student loans.

Internet Access

Several internet service providers are providing reduced-price or free internet access, and Tulane IT has compiled a list to help you get started. Please visit this website for more details.

Technology Access

If you relied on Tulane technology to access hardware or software for coursework, IT has a variety of resources to help fill gaps following the university’s measures related to COVID-19. These may include loaner computers (while available), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and other resources. Please contact Benny Dorris,, and explain your need.

OISS & Tulane Resources

Visit the OISS COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions page. Tulane’s website includes a list of COVID-19 related services and resources for students.

Resources for Undocumented Individuals in New Orleans and Louisiana