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Tulane Global 2021

Live, Learn, Engage as a Tulane Student in Shanghai!

Tulane Global 2021 provides an exceptional living and learning experience to international undergraduate students from China who are not able to learn on campus in New Orleans this fall. The program offers outstanding academic and co-curricular opportunities for first year students and sophomores. For sophomores who participated in Tulane Global in 2020-2021, the program this year will be new and improved in many ways.

Through Tulane Global 2021, students will be able to:

  • Make progress toward their academic degree while taking courses in a wide range of disciplines
  • Connect with other Tulane students through a residential experience at Donghua University campus
  • Engage in co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities throughout Shanghai
  • Participate in social gatherings with students from Tulane and other American universities
  • Prepare for an on-campus Tulane experience in New Orleans in the spring
  • Study in a safe and healthy environment with COVID-19 protocols in place

Tulane Global 2021 is being offered in collaboration with the China Educational Tour Academic Programs(CET).  CET is one of the largest study abroad providers in the world and a has strong, established presence in Shanghai at Donghua University.





☑ Academics

Tulane Global 2021 provides a Tulane educational experience similar to what students would receive on campus. Students in Shanghai are required to take 4-5 in person classes in courses that have been pre-approved by Tulane faculty for Tulane credit. CET will offer courses that fill core curricular requirements, major requirements, and pre-requisites for certain programs. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Required Business classes including Managerial Accounting (ACCN 3010) and Organizational Behavior (MGMT 3010).  
  • Introduction to Psychology.
  • Elective courses in Business, Communications, Political Science/International Relations, History, Asian Studies, Mathematics, and Political Economy
  • Internship course (sophomores only)
  • Courses that fulfill the NTC core curriculum

Courses are taught by CET and Donghua faculty in English.  Students will not be enrolled in Donghua courses and are not considered Donghua students. All courses will be CET courses, and students will earn Tulane credit.

The full catalog of courses will be released by early July.  

Tulane Global 2021 students are permitted to take one online/remote course taught by Tulane faculty.  First year students will take EAPP 1000, EAPP 1050 or ENGL 1011.  Sophomore Business majors will be able to take MCOM 3010. These courses are being offered specifically for students in Tulane Global 2021 and will be taught in the morning Shanghai time. Students in Tulane Global 2021 will not take online classes in the middle of the night.

Students participating in Tulane Global will be governed by the Code of Academic Conduct.

☑ Your Home Away from Home: Donghua University

Students will take classes and live together at Donghua University.  Donghua is a public research university that is centrally located in the Changning District of Shanghai.  Students will have access to Donghua facilities and be bound by Donghua student conduct and other policies while on campus. 

Class Facilities

Students will take classes with CET on the Donghua University campus, located in the center of Shanghai. Class size varies between 5-25 students per class section. Tulane students will take these classes alongside students from other elite American universities. All courses are instructed in English and include field-based excursions throughout the city.

Residence Halls

Students share a double room with other Tulane students. The student housing is furnished, and each room or suite has its own bathroom, and all have high speed internet.  The same building houses a shared kitchen space and a study room.  The classrooms and the cafeteria are just a 2-minute walk away. The subway station is located just across the street from the university gate.


For meals, do as the local students do and eat at the budget-friendly campus cafeterias, try nearby food stalls, or find your favorite neighborhood restaurant.  Feeling like a home-cooked meal? Have a night in with your roommate and trade cooking tips as you prepare dinner together in your dorm’s shared kitchen. 

Athletic Facilities

The on-campus basketball courts, badminton courts, and soccer field are all available for student use on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students may choose to participate in a student-led dance club, take part in a yoga class, or use the campus track facilities. Students who are looking for a gym with cardio equipment and weights can join a private gym that is just off-campus, next to the subway station. The gym is open 24 hours a day and offers a discounted student rate.

Common Study Spaces

Students can reserve classroom space for late-night studying, or they can use the common areas in the Center of International Programs building.


The campus library is accessible to all students and is open daily from 8:00am to 9:30pm. Students will receive their course materials from program faculty and administration, but may use the library for supplementary materials or for printing/scanning needs.

Medical Care

Tulane students will be enrolled in a local insurance policy that covers emergencies and severe illness, including COVID quarantine and medical care. The policy will supplement any domestic medical insurance already held by each participant. Students may use this insurance to seek medical care at any medical clinic or hospital in Shanghai. Program staff will provide a list of recommended local medical resources during Orientation. In the event of serious illness or injury, program staff will be there to support Tulane students in seeking medical care.

☑ Tulane Support Services

As Tulane students, participants in Tulane Global can utilize the same academic and immigration support services available to New Orleans-based students including:






















☑ Co-Curricular Activities

Tulane students in Shanghai will enjoy numerous experiential and co-curricular opportunities both in-country and through virtual exchange with Tulane students, faculty, and staff. These may include, but are not limited:

  • Special Tulane branded gifts and care packages
  • Virtual peer mentorship programming with New Orleans-based students including TuPals
  • Social events with other Tulane students
  • Visits with China-based Tulane alumni
  • Participate virtually in Tulane Student organizations

Throughout the fall term, CET will organize voluntary extracurricular activities for Tulane Global 2021 students. Activities may include:

  • Site visits to multinational companies
  • Professional networking opportunities with Shanghai-based CET and local alumni from students’ home universities
  • Site visits to museums, historical sites, and neighborhoods of interest
  • Speaker series with local entrepreneurs and thought leaders

Students participating in Tulane Global 2021 will be governed by the Code of Student Conduct.

☑ COVID-19 Protocols

The health and safety of Tulane students is our paramount concern. Tulane will work with CET to ensure that local COVID protocols are adhered to in both academic and residential spaces. At CET, safety is a primary concern of every staff member involved in the operation of study abroad programs. CET is constantly assessing the program location for the following pillars for safe operation:

  • The local medical system remains open and accessible to treat both COVID and non-COVID illness or injury, including reasonable access to COVID testing. CET and our medical insurance partner GeoBlue work with a variety of medical facilities in each location to meet any health challenge a student may have abroad.
  • Our on-site professional staff are confident that local conditions can support the program and its students. Our colleagues abroad live and work in our host cities and have extensive networks to draw on for information and assistance, so they are best equipped to interpret all the variables to make sound local-level assessments.
  • While integrating local regulations and restrictions, we can still meet the academic/experiential goals of the program.

If any of these come into question, CET would immediately contact and collaborate with all stakeholders to determine the best way forward.

☑ Tuition and Fees

Your Tulane tuition, financial aid, scholarships, and academic support and student activity fee will be applied to your participation in Tulane Global 2021. Students will not pay the Tulane health center fee, student recreation fee, or need to buy health insurance in the U.S. during their semester in Shanghai. Students will only pay the tuition fees and the Academic Support Services Fee. Students are responsible for and manage costs related to travel, meals, books, and personal expenses.

Tulane will subsidize the cost of your housing at Donghua University!    Students will only pay $1,500 for housing for the entire semester!  (Typical housing costs at Tulane are $5,000-6,000 per semester.)

☑ Additional Information

Who can participate in the program?

Due to travel restrictions and quarantine requirements, Tulane Global 2021 is open only to Tulane first year students and sophomores living in mainland China. Students from Hong Kong and Taiwan are not eligible for the program unless they are currently residing in mainland China.

What are the program dates?

Students should plan to arrive in Shanghai on September 2 and depart on December 24, 2021.

I would prefer to live with my family or secure my own housing in Shanghai.  Is this permitted? 

No.  Just as freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus at Tulane, students enrolled in the Tulane Global Program will also be able to enjoy a full residential experience with other Tulane students. 

If I commit to Tulane Global 2021, can I return to New Orleans mid-semester if I’m able?

No. Students who commit to Tulane Global 2021 will not be able to return to New Orleans in the middle of the semester since they will be enrolled in in-person classes in Shanghai.  We can’t wait to have you on campus in the Spring of 2022, when first-year students will have a new-student orientation and enroll in a TIDES course!

How will Tulane Global 2021 affect my immigration status?

The Office of International Students and Scholars will defer your start date and issue you a new I-20 with a January 2022 start date. Your F-1 student status will not begin until you arrive in the US for your studies. NOTE: the only exception to this is first year students who are already in F-1 status and transferring to Tulane from a US high school. Please contact OISS with specific immigration questions.

When will Tulane online classes be held?

EAPP, ENGL and MCOM will take place at times convenient for China-based learners.  You will not be expected to take classes in the middle of the night. 

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please direct questions to tulaneglobal@tulane.edu.

Next Steps

Students should fill out the application here to indicate their intention to enroll in Tulane Global 2021 with a $1,000 deposit, which will be applied to students tuition balance for fall 2021. The application is due by June 26 to ensure enrollment. (NOTE: Students who withdraw from the program after July 1 will lose their deposit. Students who withdraw after August 1 will pay $7,000 to cover Tulane’s nonrecoverable costs.) In early July, Tulane Global will send a catalog of courses. Following program enrollment, all students will complete a Course Preference Form on their online CET account, which will list all in-person course options.      


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