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Executive Director's Message

Why do we devote so much effort to our education?  Non sibi sed suis, “not for oneself, but for one’s own,” strikes me as being not just a good university motto, but a good answer to that question.  We all have some experience of how an effort made for others can tap in us unsuspected resources of courage, creativity, tenacity and happiness.  Yet Tulane’s motto challenges us to make those “others” very specific and important to us—to make them “our own.”  That takes work, and a real commitment to see things from another’s point of view.   As pleasant as excursions can be, tourism isn’t up to the task of teaching us to “own” our common human condition, whether in New Orleans or abroad.  Education, on the other hand, can give us the tools to skillfully reflect upon and deeply engage with our global society at this crucial moment in our history.  Whether it’s what, where or with whom we are learning, Tulane offers a wealth of opportunities to make the global community our own community.  I hope you will turn to the Center for Global Education as a place to find those opportunities and to share them.  Together, I am confident we can interpret our university’s motto in its broadest sense, and become not just seasoned and generous travelers, but truly global citizens.