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Our Mission Statement

The Center for Global Education exists to promote the life-changing experience of international education and exchange for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  The Office of International Students and Scholars, the Office of Study Abroad, and the English for Academic and Professional Purposes Program are central to the university’s mission to become a “truly distinctive international university” and work as a team in pursuit of the following three goals:

Enriching Teaching, Learning, and Research:  Our work accentuates the global dimension of Tulane’s commitment to academic success through interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and creativity, and public service.  Our advising, orientation, teaching, and administrative services will seek always to exemplify and foster an attitude toward the world that is imaginative, curious, attentive, patient, hopeful, and dedicated to continuous learning and improvement

Facilitating Mobility:  Incoming international students, staff, and visitors to Tulane and outgoing study abroad students, staff, and faculty deserve expert support and guidance as they undertake the journeys that enrich Tulane’s shared fund of experiences, ideas, and perspectives.  The Center will use all available resources to help Tulanians arrive safely and well-prepared to begin their intellectual endeavors, whether in New Orleans or anywhere their studies might take them around the globe.

Building Community:  Mobility is a means to the end of building an intellectual community at Tulane that is increasingly broad and diverse in perspectives and deep in its commitment to the values of respect, service, and friendship across all categories that might divide us.  Everything we do at the Center for Global Education aims to build an inspiring Tulane community that will prepare us all to embrace the opportunities and challenges of our global age.