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J-1 Scholar Health Insurance Information

U.S. laws governing J-1 visas require all J-1 Exchange Visitors to have health insurance, medical repatriation insurance, and repatriation of remains insurance for the duration of their J-1 program in the U.S. (Section 514.14 CFR, Volume 22). Tulane University requires all J-1 visa holders and their J-2 dependents to purchase a Tulane Health Insurance Policy (or receive a waiver of the policy).

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J Visa Holders Employed by Tulane:

Foreign nationals in J-1/ J-2 status who are employed full-time by Tulane University and are eligible for medical coverage under the employee health insurance plan that fully meets the federal requirements will be required to purchase Tulane employee insurance through Human Resources .

All other J Visa Holders

 Foreign nationals in J-1/J-2 status who are NOT eligible for the Tulane employee health plan will be required to purchase the Tulane Student Health Insurance Policy. For information about the Tulane Student Health Insurance benefits, please click here.

To apply for Tulane Student Health Insurance:

Fill out the 2-page registration form for the J-1 visa holder and all accompanying J-2 dependents.

Pick the appropriate start date based upon your initial arrival in the U.S.

You can pay the first month and then be billed monthly or check all of the appropriate months, and pay the total bill in one payment.


For J-1 visa holder: $234.00 per month

Additional cost for J-2 spouse: $234.00 per month

Additional cost for 1 child: $234.00 per month

Additional cost for 2 or more children: $468.00 per month



If you will pay by credit card, please fill out the form and email them back to the OISS at

You will receive an email about how to proceed to enter the information online. 

To Apply for a Waiver (deadline at point of requesting DS-2019):

1. Fill out Section A of the International Health Insurance Waiver Request form for yourself: and the Dependent Waiver Request Form for any dependents

2. Have a representative from your insurance company complete Section B. Your coverage must, at a minimum, include all of the benefits outlined in Section B of said form.

3. Submit a copy of current insurance policy which lists benefits, policy number and effective dates of coverage.