Study Abroad for Public Health Majors

Public Health is the science of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research for disease and injury prevention.

While studying abroad, Public Health majors can gain firsthand experience with programs that aim to protect the health of entire populations. These populations can be as small as a local neighborhood, or as big as an entire country.

The Newcomb-Tulane programs listed here provide students with opportunities to examine both policy and practice in places where they can utilize the linguistic and cultural skills developed in New Orleans at Tulane.

Tulane Advising Resources for Public Health Majors

Environmental Health Sciences
Preparing students for positions with local, national, and international public health/environmental health agencies and industry.

Global and Community Health
Educating students in the biologic and behavioral determinants of public health problems in developed and developing countries.Czech Republic

Health Informatics
Preparing students for careers where quantitative skills are necessary.The major appeals to students who enjoy mathematics and computer applications. 

For an overview of Undergraduate Public Health Studies, the study abroad course equivalency guide, a handbook, or degree checklist see the program resources page from the School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine.

Field-Study Programs or University Coursework

Depending on your interests and needs, you may choose to apply to study at one of Tulane's partner universities, where courses you take a semester's worth of courses in your major or minor field offered by a department or faculty, as well as courses that provide you with greater insight into your cultural environment. To learn more about the courses offered at these schools, you should approach their web sites and look at the specific departments that are of interest to you.

Or you may select one of a number of programs that are field based, that is, where the coursework is a combination of hands-on practical application and classroom-based theory and lecture. Field-based programs are typically based in a city or research station, but move throughout a country traveling to additional research sites. The courses on a field-based program are typically set out for you, so there is little or no deviation in the coursework completed.

Earning Credits Abroad

Students typically complete a minimum of 15 credit hours abroad, which combine practical coursework with courses that provide students with greater insight into the local culture and language study. 

In most every instance, Public Health students can study abroad without getting behind in the completion of major requirements.  With early and careful planning, an overseas experience is possible for all SSE students. The Center for Global Education can assist BSPH students determine whether you need to take courses in major while abroad or if you can explore other interests.

Field-based Semester Programs

Brazil (Portuguese)
Salvador da Bahia: School for International Training (SIT) Public Health, Race, and Human Rights Semester

Chile (Spanish)
Arica: School for International Training (SIT) Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment*

Costa Rica (Spanish)
San José: Organization OTS/Duke Field Semester in Global Health & Tropical Medicine*

Dominican Republic (Spanish)
Santiago: University of Iowa/CIC Latin American Health, Nutrition and Environmental Issues (fall semester only)

South Africa (English)
Durban: School for International Training Community Health & Social Policy Semester

Switzerland (French)
Geneva: School for International Training (SIT) Global Health & Development Policy Semester

University Direct-Enrollment Options

Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) Public Health Track
Eligibility: 3.0 GPA; Must have a strong background and/or declared major in public health. Students apply directly to Tulane for this program.

University College London, Central London
Relevant Departments: Epidemiology and Public Health.
Eligibility: 3.3 GPA; Must have a strong background and/or declared major in the sciences.

Khon Kaen: CIEE Community Public Health Program at the University of Khon Kaen
Students must apply to Tulane and submit the CIEE application online. The Community Public Health program in Thailand provides an attractive option for students interested in studying community health issues and public health policy in an Asian context—in English—coupled with learning Thai as a second language. Thailand, a country known for its innovative public health system, provides a near perfect environment for students interested in an intensive and integrated immersion experience to examine issues of public health and social services on both a regional and national level through academic lectures from public health faculty coupled with site visits to communities, NGOs, and Ministry of Public Health projects.

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