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People's Republic of China

Approved Programs in CHina

Hong Kong (SAR): Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST)

For further information, please visit:

HKUST Main Univeristy Website
HKUST Int'l Programs & Exchange Website (Engineering)
HKUST School of Science

Tracing Hong Kong’s dramatic cityscape reveals a juxtaposition of traditional Chinese and British colonial heritage, where fishing junks bob alongside luxury yachts, traditional temples resHong Kong Skylineide next to shimmering skyscrapers, and alleyway market stalls compete with modern shopping complexes. Hong Kong is a showcase of civic, cultural and economic achievements from the East and West.

With a population of more than six million people, this modern city boasts an affluent service-oriented economy with more than 40,000 companies and a major stock exchange. As the center of trade in Asia for more than a century, the world’s second busiest port, and third largest commercial center, Hong Kong is the business gateway to China. Roughly 35 percent of China’s foreign investment and exchange income flows through Hong Kong.

About our Partner University

Since its official opening in October 1991, the Hong Kong University of Science and THKechnology has established itself as an intellectual powerhouse, energizing the community's transformation into a knowledge-based society, and securing a place on the academic world map in record-breaking time.

An innovator in research and teaching, HKUST is the only science and technology research university in Hong Kong, and the only one to offer an all-PhD faculty. Its groundbreaking work in science, engineering, business, humanities and social science is successfully pushing back the boundaries of the information age. Such advances are assisted by the University's top-class facilities.

This exchange program provides Tulane undergraduates majoring in the School of Science & Engineering the opportunitiy to study at one of the world's top universities in Asia.

Students enroll in either the School of Engineering or the School of Science at HKUST, and take one course on Chinese language or culture from the School of Humanities & Social Science.

Program Dates
Fall (late August to late December) or Spring (January to June) semester, or full academic year.  The academic year at HKUST includes two semesters and two sessions. The spring and fall semesters each contain 14 weeks of scheduled classes. Immediately following the end of the 14th week, there is a short study break followed by a week devoted to examinations. Please consult HKUST web site for definitive calendar dates.

Fields of Study: Full science & engineering curriculum including: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronic & Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Humanities & Social Science, including Chinese Language.

Students should review the curricular offerings in each HKUST department when considering study abroad.

Eligibility & Application
3.0 GPA; Completion of two semesters in the intended field/school of study, plus additional coursework in department or area of interest. Prior Chinese language study is not required, but strongly recommended.

Students should submit both the Tulane application and the HKUST exchange application to the OSA by the appropriate deadlines. The HKUST application can be found on the HKUST web site within the appropriate school (Science or Engineering).

The School of Engineering application should be submitted online, then printed out, signed by the student, and submitted to the OSA with the OSA application. The OSA will then forward the application with an endorsement from Tulane to HKUST.

Academic Program
TBA In this direct enrollment program, students take 5 courses, one of which must be a course for Chinese language or culture. The remaining courses are taken within the appropriate academic department related to the student's major field of study.

Depending on the major, students are admitted to either the School of Engineering or the School of Science at HKUST.

Tulane awards 500-level elective credit for coursework completed on this program.

Living Arrangements
Students stay in accomodations on or off-campus as arrangement by HKUST. Please review the university's web site for specific details on housing at HKUST.

Tulane Faculty liaison
Dr. Carol Burdsal, Cell & Molecular Biology

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