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Paris, France

The French capital of Paris is a major world metropolis. The Seine River traverses the city; its waterways, quays, and bridges are major thoroughfares to the city’s most famous monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame. Known for its cafés (one for every 200 inhabitants); parks (Bois de Boulougne, Jardin de Luxembourg, Bois de Vincennes), street life and markets; Paris is a center for culture, art, fashion, gastronomy, and intellectual life. Tulane's Junior Year Abroad in Paris program was established in 1955. Since that time, advanced French language students have traveled to Paris to experience the cultural diversity and vibrant nature of the French capital. While much has changed in Paris in the intervening half-century, it remains an intoxicating intellectual center.

Program Dates
Academic Year only (late August to June)

Fields of Study
Full range of university offerings including Liberal Arts, Social Science. Qualified architecture students may be accommodated.

3.0 CGPA; Completion of two semesters of French at Tulane, including FREN 315 and FREN 321 or 325, with a grade of B or better during the year before departure.

Academic Program
All students take a minimum of four courses per semester, though additional courses are allowed by Tulane. All courses are taught in French. Students select one or two courses at maximum from the EDUCO course offerings; the remaining courses are selected from the course offerings of our university partners described below. Courses are selected at the time of application; registration is finalized on site in Paris.

The year begins with a two-week orientation program. The orientation program includes an intensive language review, as well as special activities, lectures, cultural events, and local excursions to familiarize students with Paris. The orientation program is mandatory but does not earn academic credit.

Tulane awards credit at the 500-level for coursework completed on this program.

Living Arrangements
The EDUCO program offers three types of student housing: French households, student apartments, and student foyers. By and large, the most popular option, and the one most encouraged for students wanting to gain fluency in the French language and culture, is living in a French household. Students will rank their preference for housing type at the time of application to the program, but should be aware that spaces for each are limited. Housing type cannot be guaranteed. With little exception, Tulane students are not permitted to live in the apartments or with other Tulane students

Faculty liaison:
Dr. Beth Poe, Department of French  

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