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Denmark: Copenhagen*Newly approved for Fall 2010*
Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS): Approved December 2009

The Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) was founded in 1959 to provide rigorous academic programs to international students who sought to study in Denmark for a semester or academic year.  Recognized and subsidized by the Danish government, DIS is a non-profit educational foundation affiliated with the University of Copenhagen and governed by an external board of supervisors.

Tulane has partnered with DIS to provide a high-quality academic program to well-qualified undergraduates in the sciences, architecture and public health.

About Copenhagen
Founded in 1167, Copenhagen is a bustling metropolis of 1.8 million people. It is the capital of Denmark and the center of the Danish-Swedish Øresund Region with a transnational population of 3.8 million and an inviting small-town atmosphere of friendliness, intimacy, and safety. A dense network of car-free walking streets, town squares and picturesque waterfront areas cover the old downtown.  

Winding medieval streets, great Renaissance palaces, Baroque and Rococo complexes, early-modern ramparts, a historic harbor plus all the trappings and amenities of the modern age are central elements of the city fabric.

Program Dates
Yearlong or Semester: Fall (August to December) or Spring (January to May); please confirm exact dates with DIS directly.

Fields of Study
The DIS curriculum is separated into the following academic tracks: Architecture & Design; Biotechnology & Biomedicine; Danish Language & Culture; European Culture & History; European Politics & Society; Economics; Medical Practice & Policy; Migration & Identity; Public Health; Psychology & Child Development.

Eligibility & Application
3.0 cumulative GPA; applicants must demonstrate completion of coursework (3-4 courses) in the intended field of study at DIS (refer to the DIS web site for track-specific requirements).  The Architecture & Design Track is limited to architecture majors.  Students are part of a competitive national applicant pool and must demonstrate appropriate academic preparation. Students should be prepared to do challenging academic work while abroad.

Students must submit the Tulane application only; at this time there is no secondary application for DIS.

Academic Program
For Tulane students, a full course load at DIS includes the Danish Language and Culture course.  In addition, students choose one core course, which includes two course-integrated study tours: one short regional study tour early in the semester, and one longer European study tour in the middle of the semester. In additional students select three additional courses from electives at DIS.  Tulane students may not take courses in business, finance, or marketing offered at DIS.

For yearlong students the second semester offers new courses and the option of participating in faculty-supervised independent study in several fields. Students may go to Stockholm or Oslo instead of Western Denmark on the first study tour. At mid-semester, students join the new one-semester students on study tours to destinations differing from the fall.

Tulane generally awards 500-level credit for coursework completed; 100-level credit is awarded for elementary language courses completed.

Housing Arrangements
DIS offers a variety of housing arrangements.  Tulane students may choose to stay in either homestays, a Folkehøjskole, or with Danish roommates.  Tulane does not permit housing the DIS shared housing or in the kollegium, as contact with Danes on a daily basis is limited.  More details on these three housing options (homestays, Folkehøjskole, Danish roommates) are available on the DIS web site.

Program Costs
Students continue to pay Tulane tuition and the academic service fee, plus the International SOS Emergency plan fee to Tulane while abroad.  In addition, students pay room and board fees directly to DIS.

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